More than 20 new customers signed up their dealership groups in the midst of lockdowns, in an attempt to keep sales moving during showroom closures.

Just two years since its launch, Cox Automotive is reporting record demand for its eVA Valuations and Appraisals tool.

Paul Humphreys Of those businesses, 740 rooftops are already live with the tool and benefit from accurate, real-time vehicle valuation data. Information provided by the eVA tool is extremly accurate, thanks to the combination of Cox Automotive wholesale data and trustworthy retail data. Using eVA, dealers can adjust the price offered for a part-exchange and generate more qualified leads through flexible rule-builders and lead-generation capabilities.

According to Paul Humphreys, managing director of car buying and mobility services at Cox Automotive, 18 months of inconsistent lockdowns forced dealerships and OEMs to accelerate their omnichannel retail offerings and fuelled demand for new tools such as eVA.

Humphreys commented: “Dealerships have had a hugely challenging eighteen months with showrooms repeatedly being hit with closure and limitations on traditional vehicle purchasing. As a result, many were forced to accelerate their adoption of digital tools, in an attempt to better connect the online and in-store customer journeys.

“Many are migrating over to eVA, and they’re doing this because we ensured the product was fit for purpose, complete with an effective proposition that they could invest into. We had to be the answer to the question dealers were asking; how can I maximise sales opportunities whilst improving the online and in-store vehicle transaction experience for all involved?”

Cox Automotive’s eVA Valuations and Appraisals tool is designed to improve online and in-store vehicle transactions for manufacturers, dealers, fleets, and ultimately, consumers. It offers a range of part-exchange valuation tools that feed into the full ecommerce offering of OEMs, allowing online customers to complete their new and used vehicle transactions, from purchasing, through to delivery.

eVA Valuations allows dealers to offer this service to customers looking for a new car, through a white-label tool that integrates with their website. In addition, it empowers consumers to self-serve an accurate valuation for their part-exchange and builds the valuation into a deal themselves.

Businesses looking to dispose of unwanted part-exchange vehicles are already relying on eVA.

Humphreys added: “The unique selling point of eVA is that we aid the e-commerce checkout journey. Dealers love the flexible rule-builder as it assists them with the car buying journey which increasingly starts online and ends offline at the showroom

“Most consumers begin their car-buying journey online, so it makes sense for them to get a part-exchange valuation in the comfort of their own home, against a vehicle they are interested in upgrading to. Therefore, eVA assists the dealer with more leads and ultimately helps them sell more vehicles.”