In a world demanding customisation at every turn, businesses must adapt swiftly to maintain a competitive edge. Thank goodness then, for the flexible part-exchange valuations based on custom “Rules Builder”, a game-changer in the vehicle valuation landscape.

This compelling feature, part of Cox Automotive’s eVA Pro, lets retailers curate custom adjustments, meaning more bespoke and dynamic outcomes. That function could be priceless if you have specific requirements for your car valuation software.

So, what’s so powerful about it exactly? Let’s dive in.

Adaptability is the name of the game

The Rules Builder feature within eVA is a visual interface that lets you personally set criteria to make valuations more flexible. You could, for instance, create a rule that says, “If the vehicle is less than, then increase the valuation by 10%”. It’s as simple as that.

At the heart of the function is an inherent adaptability. Driving it is the inescapable fact that no two dealerships or campaigns are alike. Whether you’re looking to incentivise consumers by offering the best price for part-exchange vehicles under a certain age or seeking to encourage retention of specific makes and models, Rules Builder flexibly caters to a wide range of stock and marketing rules.

Finding and crafting rules – a seamless experience

Rules Builder has been designed with simplicity at its core. Creating a new rule is as easy as pie. Simply select “Add Rule” and let the interface take you through the guided process.

Rules are organised in date order for ease of access, with the newest or most recently edited example taking precedence. The intuitive search function allows for quick rule retrieval, which is handier than a glove factory – let’s be honest.

Start simple, dream big

Don’t let the possibilities overwhelm you. Start with simple rule adjustments, aligning custom adjustments with your business needs. To begin with, maybe a simple adjustment for age or mileage will do the trick?

Once you’ve got the hang of it, you can seamlessly transition to more complex rules, like integrating fixed auction disposal costs or providing promotional uplifts with a laser focus that could target specific makes, models, fuel types, body styles or conditions. 

The three pillars of creating a custom rule:

  • Criteria: The conditions a valuation must meet. Think of it as the ‘if’ in an “if-then” statement.
  • Actions: The changes are applied if the criteria are met. This is the ‘then’ part.
  • Controls: These are the icing on the cake, the extra features that determine when an enabled rule goes into action.

By seamlessly intertwining these three components, businesses can craft bespoke valuation rules, from the simple to the intricate. You’re sure to be impressed. 

Car valuation software with finesse

What truly sets Rules Builder apart is the depth it provides. Take its distinction between visible and invisible rules, for instance. Visible rules, when applied, are laid out for the user, promoting transparency. Invisible rules, on the other hand, silently adjust the valuation, unseen by the end user.

This duality ensures businesses can adjust valuations as subtly or overtly as required. 

Permissions and control

To ensure businesses remain in command, there are varying permission levels. While some users may only have a read-only view, others can get full editing rights. It’s a safeguard to maintain rule integrity. 

A customisable future

Rules Builder isn’t just a tool; it’s an evolution. In a market landscape where customisation is key, it offers your dealership an edge, ensuring valuations can be competitive, dynamic and tailored to your needs as need be. So, if you’re seeking to raise your valuation game, look no further. The future is here, and it’s customisable.

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